Facing Issue? Dial PayPal Customer Service Number and Get Reliable Solutions

PayPal Customer Service Contact Number is giving you the best support for fixing all of your PayPal glitches. Any error in payment mode can cost you a lot. Thus, it’s far better to find reliable assistance from our technical executives. We’re offering round the clock solutions for seven days a week that means if you’re facing trouble for example logging error then you may contact us any time of the day.
Common issues with PayPal:
The currency converter is reading”Null” value
This is one of the common mistakes which are confronted by plenty of PayPal users. Folks get this error when moving between currencies. Let’s suppose you are converting Yuan to USD. You tap on the Summary>Currencies button and fill in the appropriate columns in Currency Exchange. But which you click Calculate; the field shows”null”. Don’t get panic; this is an easy mistake which may be readily solved. You are able to dial PayPal Client Service Number US and get quick help from our team. Consider deleting the browser cache. At times, switching the device may also resolve this mistake.
• Do not click the Calculate button
• Click on the Continue button

When you click the Continue button; there will not be any instant procedure of money transfer. Now, visit Exchange Currency for confirming your action.
Process Payments Failure
Payment Failure error usually occurs when the non-account holders are made to use PayPal because the payment services are just revealing the e-commerce checkout process. Guest users are more likely to confront this mistake since they can only use credits cards to get 15 occasions without having an account and up to $4,000. If you would like to protect against this kind of error and you often use PayPal; it’s better to produce your own account. If you don’t want to create a PayPal account then you may use a different card for payment. If you are still facing payment failure then dial PayPal Customer Service Number and then talk to our technical team for assistance.